How to Create Inspiring Product Landing Page?

People are more interested in online shopping, which has increased the number of ecommerce businesses. With global competition, it becomes very crucial to have an ecommerce store that stands out from competitors.

To create a website or ecommerce store, you can make use of online platforms like Magento. It offers online merchants’ control over look, functionality and flexible shopping cart. You even get SEO and other management tools. Let’s learn how to create inspiring product landing page to increase conversion rate.

Use visual content

Use visual image or content to create successful landing page. Tips for better results –

  • Use large images
  • Unique and high-quality pictures
  • Use video content
  • Enable zooming, if possible
  • Use 3D images, if possible

Encourage customer feelings

Textual content will help your SEO strategy but even aids in defining the product along with its benefits. Content has to be informative and interesting, so that shoppers get motivated and click on ‘add to cart’ button. Make sure to keep description simple, short but interesting. Create content with user in mind and reflecting clear purpose.

Add wish list feature

Customers may not be planning to purchase a product but when they surf the web page there are some stuff, they find interesting. These can be added to the wish list, which can be bought later. You will need to make this process to save item easy.

Leverage customer reviews

Customer reviews allow visitors see what your product is like and their experience. Potential customer’s behavior is to look through the feedback prior purchasing. So, don’t dismiss this opportunity to display customer reviews.

Out-of-stock feature

Customer gets to know that the product is not in stock. You can let them know, when it will be back in stock. Offer them subscription notification as well as service to pre-order. It helps to build trustworthy relationship. Thus, increase conversion and sales.

Offer guarantee

Adding guarantee to the product on page offers viewers a reassurance. Guarantee offers grab attention of more viewers and improves sales figure.

Lower emotive commitment level

Clicking a button has emotional commitment level as the user is aware that he/she is committing to move forward on the purchase journey. To lower emotive level, change text from ‘Buy Now’ to something gentle such as ‘Continue’, which can support more finale outcomes.

The success of product’s landing page depends on all the above elements. If you comply them properly then many prospects can be transformed into potential and loyal customers.

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